About me

[Mav·​er·​ick] - an individual who does not simply go along with a particular group or ideology just because everyone else is doing it.

My story

I spent 7 odd years in the wider B2B SaaS field, taking on various Marketing roles, with a primary focus as a CMO. Throughout this journey, I've learned many valuable lessons, made every conceivable mistake in the books (so you don't have to) and gathered tons of growth tactics that now part of my arsenal.

My game plan

Kick and rush > Tiki-taka.
Nothing but respect for Blaugrana but why would I endlessly pass the ball in midfield if I can go straight to goal and score? That's pretty much my approach - you could even say philosophy - when it comes to marketing and sales. Direct, straightforward and effective.

My past experience

Speedinvest Pirates

Speedinvest Pirates is a growth marketing agency and consultancy working with seed and pre-seed startups across Europe.

Growth Hacker

Jan 2023 — present
  • Funnel 'audits' and go-to-market sparring sessions with a variety of startups and scale-ups across different industries.
  • Primary focus on growth projects that typically include web scraping, marketing automation (Integromat) and some form of outbound activity.
  • Built a new PR offering that collects contact details from across the web and categorizes each journalist based on detailed beats.


FireStart is a business process management and workflow automation suite for enterprise customers and SMBs alike.

Head of Marketing

Apr 2022 — Oct 2022
  • Created a go-to-market strategy for a new product specifically aimed SMB customers and helped launch the product on AppSumo.
  • Extensive market research to improve product market fit of both the new SMB product as well as the legacy Enterprise suite.
  • Led a fantastic team of 7 (marketing, design, knowledge mgmt) and chimed in as interim CRO for 2 months taking on Sales and SDRs.


Celum is a digital asset management platform to create, manage and distribute content across a variety of digital touchpoints.

Chief Marketing Officer

Dec 2020 — Apr 2022
  • Led a team of 9 incredibly talented marketing and design professionals and was a member of the company's executive team.
  • Implementation of SaaS pricing and repositioning from two separate, standalone products into one solution with six functional segments.
  • Doubled YoY net new revenue from MQLs and decreased overall cost per acquisition by 18% with intent data and account based marketing.

Playtech Sports

Playtech Sports is a market-leading B2B technology vendor for white-labeled sports betting solutions.

Marketing Lead

Aug 2016 — Dec 2019
  • Headed up the B2B marketing team as well as Commercial Excellence being responsible for all Marketing and RevOps related tasks.
  • Prepared budgets and forecasts for the CCO, created business cases for new contracts and coordinated international tenders.
  • Transitioned into a new B2C role in 2019: Head of Marketing HPYBET Austria & Head of Digital DACH - primary focus on sponsorships & PPC.


Microsoft is a well-known multinational technology corporation that really needs no further introduction.

Partner Marketing Manager

Jan 2015 — Jul 2016
  • Started out as an intern in the software asset management before transitioning into a new role as partner marketing manager in the SMB team.
  • Primary responsibilities were channel marketing initiatives with larger B2B distributors as well as contract renewals of unmanaged accounts.
  • Onboarded a new tele sales agency focusing on license compliance and optimized dozens of processes and CRM flows in this area.

My skills


I like building things, not slides. What can be automated, will be automated.


My bedsheets are called google sheets and this is where the magic happens.

Web scraping

By far the cheapest & most effective way to gather intent data for lead gen.


Ran performance marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

GTM strategy

Well versed in creating bespoke marketing strategies and go-to-market plans.


Got a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

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